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Halsbury’s Laws of England 4th Edition including Cumulative Supplements

Halsbury’s Laws of England explores the whole spectrum of English law, covering everything from the fundamental to the highly complex. It is the starting point and the finishing line for research. Advise with confidence, using this indispensable resource. Click for more

Every 4 seconds, someone finds an answer using Halsbury’s Laws. Whatever the subject, it has the answer, even in niche and esoteric areas. Halsbury’s Laws covers everything from the fundamental to the highly complex. It is the starting point and the finishing line.

  • Clear footnotes map out the legal authorities; ideal for preparing court bundles.
  • Paragraphs are written concisely, so you can quickly surface the answer to a client’s question.
  • Introductory paragraphs and clear definitions provide background and context; useful for students and those exploring an unfamiliar area.

The Superior Court Practice 1999: The White Books 3 Volumes

The Supreme Court Practice 1999 (The Last Pre-Woolf edition) provides the most authoritative, reliable and up-to-date guide to civil court practice and procedure in England and Wales. In one source it presents, the complete Rules for the High Court, Court of Appeal (Civil Division) and County Courts, with accompanying commentary from a distinguished team of over twenty expert editors. Preface… Civil litigation is in a state of flux. The reforms recommended by Lord Woolf are due to be implemented in April 1999. Their aim is to change the ethos of litigation. Pre-action protocols will be introduced that will have to be complied with in order to avoid the possibility of cost sanctions. Judicial case management will be introduced in all courts and for the first time the core rules of the High Court and the County Courts will be the same. These changes, coupled with the legal aid reforms and the intended extension of conditional and contingency fees (following the decision of the Court of Appeal in Thai Trading v. Taylor) will lead the most radical reform of civil litigation since the introduction of the present Rules of the Supreme Court in 1966. The Supreme Court Practice has been at the forefront of coverage of these developments and subscribers can rest assured that they will continue to be authoritatively updated as and when key changes occur.

The All England Law Reports: 1558-2010: Hard cover in Pristine Condition

The All England Law Reports provide an up-to-date archive of cases heard by the Supreme Court, the Privy Council, both divisions of the Court of Appeal and all divisions of the High Court. The archive gives you their full text, summaries of judgements and cross-references to the relevant authority.

The Lloyd Law Reports:1928-2007

The Lloyd’s Law Reports contains reports of cases relating to the maritime and commercial sector.